Thank you for your interest in the ViewEra reseller Program. Please read all the program rules before completing the application. Once you have submitted this application you will be contacted by our Reseller Program representative to verify all information and to get you started as ViewEra´s reseller.

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Demo Display Purchases:
The tangible personal property described herein which I shall purchase from ViewEra Corporation, will be resold by me in the form of tangible personal property; provided, however, that in the event any of such property is used for any purpose of business, it is understood that I am required by Sales and Use Tax Law to report and pay tax measured by the purchase price of such property. Description of property to be purchased: Computer Equipment & Parts.
Trademarks and Logo Use:
ViewEra hereby grants to the undersigned, (the "Requester"), a limited right-to-use license (the "License") for certain ViewEra trademarks and logos (the "Logos") as described herein, and under the following terms and conditions:
1) This License is granted for the benefit of ViewEra resellers and others with a legitimate intent to advertise and sell ViewEra products; 2) ViewEra has full ownership right to the Logos and Requester does not acquire any rights, title or interest in or to the marks beyond that set forth herein; 3) If Requester uses the Logos in conjunction with logos representing awards or publications of companies granting such awards, it shall be the responsibility of the Requester to give appropriate attribution to such companies, and to correctly identify such logos with their respective companies; and 4) Requester may not, under any circumstances, alter the appearance of the Logos, either by alteration, size, color or combination with any other logo. Breach of this section will be grounds for immediate termination of this License, and any other legal remedies ViewEra may deem appropriate.
ViewEra will not be liable to any party for special, indirect or consequential damages even if advised of the possibility of such damages. ViewEra reserves the right to modify or terminate its Reseller Partner Program at anytime without notice or liability. The laws of the State of California, exclusive of choice of law rules, will govern this transaction.
General Program Rules

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